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This adventurous role-playing game provides you with a lot of fun and entertainment; the gaming controls of the short life game are very easy; you can easily control from the joystick and a button.
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July 29, 2020
Android 4.1 and up
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What's new

There are many new things; features are available in this game, now you don't need to buy the coins with real money because, in this modified version, you will get unlimited coins and gems without paying any cost. All the items, things, and levels are pre-locked, so you don't need to make an effort to play all the levels for accessing the new levels.



App Description

When you get your character in short life mod apk, you will enter into the game and save your man from different hurdles and other difficulties. The game is based on just two things rolling and jumping means that when you see any hurdle, jump your character and save from getting any injury. You can only win the game when you hero your gaming character passes all the obstacles and hurdles without getting any touch.


Video gaming has become an interesting hobby for all teenagers; millions of games are available on the internet that you can play free of cost. But all the games are unsafe and not for you, so you need to choose a game that provides ultimate fun.

The short life hack is a newly launched game and has become very popular because of its features, gameplay. This game is based on a purpose: you have to prevent your character from the different obstacles and hurdles. If your man got touch with these, then ha can die or get injured.

The more you perform the best, the more you get the difficult levels and coins and game money. If you show delay or laziness, even for a second, the man in the game loses his life, and all of your progress will be down, and you need to play that level again.

App Requirements

To install and run this game on your android device, you need to have the android version of 4.1 or above; otherwise, you cannot install this game on your android mobile phone.

Short Life Mod APK Features

Elegant Graphics

The game’s graphics are the heart of any game because, without beautiful graphics, a game cannot get ant popularity. The short life has amazing graphics that makes it a very famous game; when you play it for the first time, you will become a huge fan of this game because of its fabulous and realistic graphics.

Easy Controls

The controls of the short life are very easy, and there are only two things you need to control: the joystick and the second one is the button. You can also change these settings whenever you want and set them according to your fingers.

Interesting Levels

The game consists of various levels that you have to complete; all these levels are very interesting and provide you with ultimate fun. The next one will be open when you complete a level, but here you can select any level and play it without waiting for its completion.

Try To Live Long

This is also an amazing thing about this game that makes you addicted to this game because when you try to live long, you automatically perform better gameplay and can easily become a good player of this game.

Free To Play

The good thing about this game is that this is free to play; you don’t need to pay the money for getting anything in this game, like the coins, and unlock the premium features. The entire item and characters are pre-locked; access the game and do anything you want in the game.

How to Play

This is a very easy play game as its controls are very straightforward after installing and downloading the game. You have to enter in-game, select your character, and choose the level, and now you will go to the match and prevent your man from touching the different obstacles and hurdles.

Version History

· V 4.2 30 MB
· V 4.0 34 MB
· V 4.4 32 MB

Short Life Mod APK FAQ’s


The short life Mod APK is an amazing game that is a role-playing adventure game. In this game, you need to save your man from getting dead. You need to follow the rolling and jumping to prevent your character from different obstacles and hurdles.



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