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Rucoy Online Mod APK is a fantastic RPG action game that came with a multiplayer component. Through the game's endless universe, real players, and fighting bots, you must send your character on a quest. You can make your choices through various items to build your character according to your choices.
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October 5, 2021
Android 4.1 and up
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Rucoy Online hack offers the following unique features. High-level monsters and new zone New weapons for training (monster drops) Can find other players through 'Tracker scroll' Stronger mana and health potions



App Description

You have to finish small tasks for obtaining in-game cash and items, which you will require to advance your hero.


Rucoy online bot fulfills the exciting RPG that attracts all fans of non-linear plots and fantastic game features. At the start of the game, you have to select the race and your character’s class and then move to the game directly.

App Requirements

The app has age limitations; the suggested age for playing is 15 plus years. Only android users with 4.0 and up can download and play this game. This game is not available for IOS users.

Rucoy Online Mod APK App Features

Exchange Classes

The player has choices of the character to be selected among the three classes. The three classes are Wizard, Knight, or archer. Each class came with its benefits and drawbacks. When there is a matter of advancing a hero, it’s all about products and equipment. You can get rucoy online items by fighting with other players, monsters, or through the chest.

PvP Zone

Players can fight with other users in the devoted PvP zone through the rucoy online map. There are several hurdles in your way during the game. It could be monsters, other players’ characters, bosses, etc.

The selection mode in rucoy online pc depends upon the player. Sometimes your hero is not strong enough to beat the hurdles. In such a case, the player can take help from their friend and battle together. In this way, they receive rewards, cash and victories. The choice of mode in Rucoyonline depends only on the player.

Can Get Damned

Rucoy online leveling guide is organized efficiently. If the players attack an innocent rival, first get the damned status. The players who attack innocent users get punishment. When a player gets damned, they become a target for hunters.

When you kill a damned, you get gold. When you turn on PvP mode, the duration, of damned status shortens, and the player can return to normal state swiftly.

 A surprise attack can be made on unaware characters of other players. Getting damned brings good cash. All loot knocked out of the rivals by damned status goes into the chest. But, a player can lose everything he gets, as he is vulnerable to everyone.

Graphics & Sound

The graphic used in the game is of bright pixels and simple animations. The graphics are creative, and the special effects are beautiful. The design of the sound is also good, not irritating. The sound came through the rucoy kingdom in battles, and movement appears to be natural and didn’t distract from the particular mission.

Customize Your Character

Players have complete access to customize their character as they want. Players can customize the color pallets of their characters and use beautiful cosmetics. You can buy different items from shops to make your rucoy characters more attractive according to your choice.


The game play of rucoy online pc is very easy. It mainly consists of monster crushing and inventory control, which can be learned within minutes.

How to Play?

Rucoy online bot is very easy to play; simply use a touchpad to move your character. Select the target to attack. You can restore health and can use mana through buttons on the left side. Change the weapons through controls on the right side. To get loot from the floor using a hand icon. Your health status, mana status, defense, attack, and moving speed increase with each level.

Version History

· V1.22.0 Mod Apk 18.43MB
· V1.21.6 Mod Apk 18.28MB
· V1.21.5 Mod Apk 18.28MB
· V1.21.4 Mod Apk 18.32MB

Rucoy Online Mod APK FAQ’s


Here you choose whether you begin with a separate study of different game sites or with the conclusion of the union with other online players.

If you have already dressed your hero in a decent outfit and prepared your rucoy characters a bit, you fight any player by challenging them. By winning, you will get experience and game cash.  So, play this game and enjoy the amazing features.


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