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The game is based on two siblings, Marwell, and his sister; they have a magical diary to do anything in society. So it is your duty what you are doing because you have to handle the Marwell character.
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June 4, 2018
Android 4.4 and up
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The Scribblenauts apk unlimited has a fascinating story that allows android users to perform real magic in a virtual world. This game has many unique functions that you haven't seen in any other role-playing game. Further, Scribblenauts is free from all bugs and malware issues.



App Description

The game story starts when the Marwell parents give him some gifts that are not very expensive but having a glob that can quickly move you from any place means that you can go to any part of the world in just seconds.

The most powerful gift is the fantastic notebook with some magical powers, and you can create anything with the help of this diary. It depends on you for a kind of purpose. Do you use this fantastic diary?


The latest and new technology has changed the gaming concepts, primarily video gaming; this game was developed by the 5th Cell Media in 2009 and got millions of downloads. The main goal of this game is to create your creativity by providing you with the power of doing anything.

The Scribblenauts unlimited APK latest version allows you to do or make anything from your powers. Marwell and his sister were sent to the world to explore the world. This is because they cannot become ungrateful and spoil the other kids.

But they play with the older man and perform a dirty prank that leads them toward trouble, and his sister gradually becomes stone. Now they are looking for their elder brother, who is not happy with them, but he helps them escape this trouble. But for this, they need magical energy, Starlite, and this is the only way to convert his sister into a human again.

App Requirements

You can only play this game if you have Android version 4.4 or above; otherwise, you cannot play the game on your device.

Scribblenauts Unlimited Mod APK Features

Interesting Gameplay

This is a fantastic feature of the Scribblenauts because everyone likes to play games having exciting stories. The story is that you will be given some magical powers, so it depends on how you use your abilities; if you are wrong, you will be facing some troubles.

Elegant Graphics

The thing that makes this game very attractive is its fabulous graphics; the graphics of this game are fantastic. You will never feel bored while playing the game because of the realistic graphics; everything, scenes, and characters look very attractive.


Suppose you are a person that has too many imagination powers, that you should play this game because it provides you opportunities to imagine as much as you can. You can also turn your imagination into real life in a virtual world. So imagine anything and convert it into real-world gaming.


The characters of this game are a significant source of enjoyment for you; two siblings are the leading role of this game, a brother and a sister. They receive some gifts from their parents and go on a world tour with a magical notebook that has the power to make anything. So you have to perform the boy’s role and do good deeds to help the people.

How to Play

The gameplay of the Scribblenauts unlimited is very simple and exciting; you have to perform a role of a boy who gets some gifts from his parents, including a magical diary that has the powers to make anything according to your imagination. You and your little sister go on a world tour to observe the people and help them from your muscles.

Important Note

You can only download this game on your android device if you have 700 MB of free space; otherwise, you cannot download and run this game on your android device.

Scribblenauts Unlimited Mod APK FAQ’s


The Scribblenauts Unlimited APK is an exciting role-playing game that provides you with fun and entertainment. The story of this game is very remarkable, that is you have some powers of doing anything, so it depends on how you use your power.



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