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My heritage APK is the best book and reference application in which you can easily get your family history on your fingerprints. The application is based on genealogy, which leads you toward your ancestors and helps you make your new long relatives. You will be shocked to know that the heritage premium free crack has the 12 billion records data.
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December 20, 2021
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What do you do if an application provides you with different genetic features, like testing your DNA, and helps you find your relatives from all over the world? There are many things available that you even don’t see in any health and fitness platform. This application is free from all types’ bugs and other malware issues. Many new things are waiting for you, so install this and avail all of your features.



App Description

So in this way, you can contact your new relatives; my heritage-free premium account has some systems that will automatically connect your roots to your family in just seconds. Here, you can find your family trees and tell you many things about the genetics used for the DNA test.


There are various applications on the internet that we can use for our easiness, the application that we are going to describe and share with you is fantastic. It is about your health and family relatives; my heritage mod APK is a genetic-based application developed by a famous Israeli heritage. Com Company.

This application helps you build and restore your family genealogy, and they have integrated many advanced technologies. It provides you with different functions, like taking, drawing, editing, and changing the pictures. My heritage mod APK full version has more than 10 million downloads and millions of active users.

App Requirements

This is an online application with a very different features interface from all the other applications. Its requirements vary from device to device, so we cannot mention a version.

My Heritage Mod APK Features

There are very interesting features of this application, but here we only share some of the important ones that also help you use the application better.

Free to Use

You should keep in mind that even the application has millions of downloads, but this is not for free if you download from the Google play store. But here, we provide you with the modified version of my heritage that is free to use for all people.

Deep Nastagia Technology

Sometimes we get our and our family members some old pictures, but these pictures are blurring and not clear, so we clean sharp them. So now you can easily make your senior photos better quality, sharp and clean. Its latest AI system will do everything; you need to upload your image and, after scanning, download the beautiful colors and best pixel quality.

Build your Family Tree

We don’t know about our forefathers in this busy world, and we even don’t know their names. So we need such an application that will help us in this regard and make a record so that our children can easily get information about their ancestors. This application allows you to make your family tree in which you have provided your information, and it will automatically save in your heritage account.

DNA test with My Heritage

The DNA is made up of nucleotide units, important for humans and animals, and all living things. With the help of DNA, you can easily determine the relationship between two people. For this, you need to upload your DNA kit and my heritage analysis, compare it with the record data, and show you the people with similarities.

How to Use

It is a very easy-to-use application, as its interface is very simple; the people who know about a smartphone can easily use it. First of all, you need to download it and make your account, for this you need to provide some of your personal information, don’t write any wrong thing because it can show you false results.

There are various factors and things that you can check by entering into this application and using the features you want.

My Heritage Mod APK FAQ’s


This genetic-based application allows you to check different family relations and find people who have the same habits. You can also check your DNA test by uploading a DNA kit and making new family members from all over the world.


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