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As the name suggests, evertale mod apk provides you to wonder about the dream world of evertale around your fairytale. The game is made in a mysterious way, in which you end up with legendary encounters with incredible monsters. They are not the typical ‘monsters’ we think. The monsters are more of your pet beasts. The more you get experienced by playing it a lot, the more you can explore the model lands of erden.
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September 30, 2021
Android 4.4 and up
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What's new

  •         Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
  •         Unlimited cash
  •         Unlimited silver
  •         100% chance on catch
  •         Maximum team value/ no limit on adding heroes in the team



App Requirements

· Android: 4.4 and Above
· iOS: Not Available
· PC: Needs Bluestacks

Evertale Mod APK Features

Unlimited Premium

Although evertale is still one of the most well-known adventurous games for RPG fans, in evertale android games, the adventure goes to another level, in evertale apk mod. You can have all premium weapon and beast sets by buying with free money in this version. So, there is no tension of gold and cash for these. You have to play with your best strategies and skills.

A Dreamland to Save

While playing evertale apk mod, you will not get bored at all. It gets interesting with every scene and mission task. For some locations, the task of killing and shooting might be easier, and for some, it might not be easy. But no doubt, in the end, it is possible in either way. All you require is a focus, reactions, skilled hands, and the best set of magic beasts and weapons to reverse the game.

Events and Tournaments

Apart from the general mission and gameplay, the evertale game comes with various events and tournaments. You have to overtake different holiday seasons to bring some variation in the gameplay. With many famous occasions and holidays, the events and tournaments vary, adding on exciting tasks and twists every time.

Battle with Friends 4×4

Got some friends who are evertale android game fans too? Then no more need to play alone. You can have more fun by playing with your friends. Just give an invitation to your buddies. Ask them to join a battle with your finest beasts and fighting talent on different battles with a 4×4 system of the fight with friends. Due to this feature, you will feel a rush of adrenaline with each encounter.


The gameplay of the evertale guide moves about the fairytale world. Everything here looks magical. However, there is a lot of darkness residing under it. The protectors will be responsible for controlling the evil forces that came to the land to destroy it.

Delete savefile pokemon soul silver and install Eevetale apk. This game is similar to Pokemon, where you can catch and gather monsters in between battles. But there are some differences. A GACHA system is there in the game for one.

This means you can check your luck and struggle to roll for various monsters and heroes. You start the game with your general JRPG hero, Finn. His different average stereotype partners will join him.

Version History

· V2.0.04 MOD APK 71.8MB
· V2.0.10 MOD APK 73.7MB
· V2.0.23 MOD APK 73MB

Evertale Mod APK FAQ’s


With appealing graphics, adventurous soul, and smart design, evertale mod game is the best role-playing game. Either you are trying to stop a disaster ceremony or prove your value to other users; you will always want that the tale of this game continues forever.


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